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A Conversation with New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States

US-New Zealand flags

The school’s Careers in Diplomacy club hosted New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States, Rosemary Banks, for a virtual discussion on New Zealand – US relations, as well as strategies for greater regional and international cooperation within the Indo-Pacific following the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion emphasized the role and strategies undertaken by small states in diplomacy and cooperation.

The Ambassador began the conversation by discussing the deep and historical ties between the United States and New Zealand, and the convergence in values, norms, and outlook the two nations share. She then shared insights on New Zealand’s work on climate change, international cooperation on responsible technology use, the freedom of navigation, and economic success and development in the greater Pacific area.

The conversation concluded with student questions, where the Ambassador noted the growing and important role of women in diplomacy, the importance of patience, understanding, and compromise, and the need to work together multilaterally to face the major issues of the 21st Century.

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