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Krista Baptista

Adjunct Lecturer

  • Campus Location: Washington DC


Krista Baptista leads the ICT/Geospatial Services team for DAI’s Office of Information and Management Technology. She is responsible for designing, managing, and supporting ICT and geospatial deliverables for DAI projects and for overseeing the team. She is also responsible for DAI’s ICT and geospatial strategy, identifying, and negotiating with key partners and consultants, and supporting related new business efforts. Previously at DAI, she worked in knowledge management, marketing, and business development. In 2006, Krista was Team Leader for the Microenterprise Results Reporting project, where she was responsible for managing a database-driven initiative that collected and reported on global microfinance data. 
She holds an MA in Western Hemisphere and International Economics from SAIS at Johns Hopkins and received her BA in Geography from Clark University.