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A Virtual Career Trek to America's Heartland

American flag on fence

The school recently hosted a virtual career trek to America’s heartland, where students had the opportunity to speak one-to-one with Nebraskan elected officials and gain perspective on the impact of American foreign policy on the heartland.
The conversation included representatives from the Nebraska Cattlemen Association, Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, ConAgra, US Strategic Command in Omaha, and Nebraska Corn Board, who shared insights on how U.S. international trade has affected citizens involved with the agriculture industry in addition to the education, energy, health, technology, and the environmental industries. The officials also discussed topics such as how trade relations with China have impacted their businesses and the influence of American foreign policy on heartland voters.  
Throughout the academic year, the school hosts many career treks to help students learn about career paths in asset management, consulting, energy and environment, finance, international development, nonprofits, multilateral organizations, political risk, think tanks, and more. From company visits to alumni networking events, students gain a valuable insider’s perspective on what it’s like to work in different sectors.

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