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Andrew (Andy) Goodhart

AWC Predoctoral Fellow



Andy Goodhart is an America in the World Consortium (AWC) Predoctoral Fellow and a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Ohio State University. His primary research interest is the relationship between international order and conflict. Andy’s dissertation explains how hegemons select legitimation strategies and the effect these strategies have on order durability. These powerful states face a tradeoff between maximizing the size of their orders and ensuring their durability.
Andy is a member of Ohio State’s MESO Lab (Modeling Emergent Social Order) which uses computational modeling to understand the relationship between international order and conflict. He also uses survey experiments to understand public opinion about foreign policy. One current project investigates the sources of opposition to global governance while another asks why the public supports foreign policy interventions that are unlikely to succeed.
Prior to graduate school, Andy served as a Defense Strategist in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. In that role, he focused on international order, great power competition, and "gray zone" conflict.  He is a native of Ohio.